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ATD1 Backpack and Padded Belt - 2nd production run: Pre-order is OPEN!

The best part of this whole experience were the tons of great feedback we received about the pack: it’s great to see actual users appreciate its construction and its unique approach to volume expandability versatility. ATD1 sold out quickly and, since we received lots of enquiries about its restock, we are happy to announce a second production run. Pre-orders are now open and you can purchase your ATD1 backpack HERE and the belt HERE. One of the things we pride of is our raw materials acquisition process: we don't have them ordered and stocked by a manufacturing partner as some big brand does, but all of them are collected dealing directly with each suppliers and finally sent to the manufacturing facility (or...

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ATD1 Production Update 3 - Making of the ultimate travel and EDC backpack

At the very end of 2018, the laser-cutting machine had some unexpected issues and we had to wait for it to be repaired. This forced us to postpone our work on fabrics and waste a couple of weeks.  We took advantage of that waiting time to cut all webbing, sew all the webbing parts, improve the building process, make some sewing templates for the back panel and print invoices and shipping documents to avoid wastes of time during the last stage of the game.   Templates for back panel stitching.   Sternum Straps in progress. That bartacker is working hard on this project!   As we now approach to the Finish line, the packs are finally taking their final shape. There is always...

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